An Evaluation Of Hot Niche Spy By Josh Spaulding

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Hot Niche Spy is a new “Niche Finding” product by Internet Guru Josh Spaulding which is sending shockwaves throughout the Internet Niche Marketing world at the moment.

The initial thing which strikes you when you open Hot Niche Spy is its very simple, clean cut interface. A lot of products out there these days have got wonderful  functionality but just aren’t easy to use, and this is the number one thing that will turn people away from using a product. With Hot Niche Spy there aren’t any problems since you are  offered a single dialogue box to enter your key phrase, four radio buttons to pick a search criteria and a “search button”. That’s IT!! Just what could be simpler?

Hot Niche Spy comes with four different search criteria. They are “Domains”, “Related Products”, “Related News” and “Keywords”. Hitting the submit key will return data relating to this option in combination with your particular own keyword. The data delivered is:

If “related products” is selected…

Hot Niche Spy will provide to you a listing of comparable products which are presently active on Clickbank, eBay and Amazon each with click-button promotion. There will be no  more asking yourself whether or not there are any suitable products to generate hard cash as an affiliate marketer. Within only minutes not only do you find out whether or not there are actually  products, you Discover them all and can without delay begin marketing them!

Should you select “domain checker”…

A keyword rich domain is crucial for your money making website and <a href=””>Hot Niche Spy</a> helps make that job as easy as it gets. It will quickly locate all of the top domains, .com .net .de .info and .us that have your keyword allowing you to effortlessly click those you would like and buy at the click of a mouse button. If the primary keywords are taken Hot Niche Spy to drill down even more and discover domains that still fit your keyword phrase but are available to purchase.

If you choose “related news”…

This is a method I have not run into on any other niche software. This option will quickly realize trends within your niche on google news, yahoo news and bing news. The idea being that if  you can spot any significant news reports in your niche from popular sources like CNN, MSN etc in the past day or two then it seems sensible to write an article relating to this  story as it’s presently popular and quite likely going to generate significant visitors to your internet site. Having this feature can be quite helpful for those one-off occasions when you do hit on a major story and  can make the most of it.

If you select “Keywords & Competition” :

Cost Per Click (CPC) In case you manage Adsense sites then realizing how much people are spending to show Google ads for the chosen keyword offers you an excellent indication of its profitablility.

Clicks Per Day (CPD) data with regards to the specific key phrase as well as a large amount of related key phrases, in order to very easily uncover exactly what type  of targeted visitors you will probably see coming from Google with regard to that term and related phrases!

Average Toolbar Pagerank of the top 10 results in Google. This provides a good indication of the strength of competition and whether or not this particular keyword is worth continuing with.

A list of keywords filtered by search volume! Which means you are able to produce a long list of keywords which drop into the lowest and highest search volume range which you state, to help you to uncover and focus on just long-tail keywords in that niche. No more stressing in relation to super competitors.

Several related but random keyword phrases that are different from the typical ones output by Google keyword tool


Hot Niche Spy is a wonderful little tool that will save hours of manual and mind-numbing work in keyword research thereby allowing you to give full attention to the actual website generation itself. It’s simple and efficient interface sets it higher than many other niche finding tools presently on the market. You will be using this within minutes of downloading and very likely have your first domain inside ten minutes tops.

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