E-Sky has a $19.95 R/C Computer Simulator. How’s it work?

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www.dpbolvw.net That is the link for XHeli.com’s website who sells this sim. Pay for the E-Sky USB Transmitter and FMS program is included free, as a shareware program. The program Graphics are clear. Also cheaper than a half a tank of gas, this is an affordable TOOL to help learn R/C flying, without the expense of crashing real models. I had none of this when I learned and it cost me thousands of dollars and hours back then. To get it to work on Vista required downloading a DLL file from the internet. This worked well. I also had to run the Transmitter through a USB multi port block, so the required resistance was met. It would not work plugged directly into the Computer’s USB port. If your TX is not being seen, try that. So I hope you folks learn on a simulator first, saving yourself some aggravation when you begin to fly real models. Hope this video gives you an insight of the program. I apologize for the fuzzy video, but it should still give you an idea of how well this sim works. Thanks for watching, good luck, and happy flying.

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