HUMIC ACID – Can Humic Acid be Good for Human Consumption?

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Mike Raphael Humic acid is a natural skin healing and protection found in nature. Due to the constant humidity and plant photosynthesis, an organic substance in the submerged flora of the valley was being preserved through a slow, natural process. Constant circulation from the action of the streaming, thermal waters and protection from outside pollution has created an organic substance of higher quality than any other of its kind in the world. The result was a rich, organic, naturally therapeutic extract called humic acid. Cultivated, pasteurized, homogenized and freeze dried by Golden Moor, this bio-available adaptogen is of such superior quality, it had been renamed “HUMAX” An analysis of Golden Moor MoorMax™ indicates it contains a truly unique collection of plants, minerals, trace-elements and organic substances such as volatile oils, amino acids, waxes, resins, phyto-hormones, vitamins, enzymes and natural antibiotics.

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