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Offering a service online can be one of the best ways to earn a living online. There are many marketers online who need all types of work done such as graphic design such as making headers and sales pages, website design, copy writing, link building campaigns together with general on site and off site promotion.

Generally when you have some experience and a reputation, then you can charge a premium for this type of service as you have proven to show results from anyone using your services.

Choose what skills you have or learn a new skill if required and then offer your services in the many online forums as well as for off line businesses that normally have either little or no idea as to promoting a business online.

You could design and promote a website for example for small local business owners who will be happy to have someone take care of the promotion of their company.

Remember that even if you have no experience it is possible to learn a new skill quickly online and then start to offer your services even free to start with to get testimonials that will help to find paying customers. Online jobs is one of the fastest growing areas on the Internet today

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