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If you’ve ever wondered what impact the world’s best marketing experts might have on your sales figures today you can get the answer! The Million Dollar Challenge is a results based collaboration made possible through internet TV. Research by yourBusinessChannel shows that sales growth is the number one business issue. The Million Dollar Challenge addresses this issue head on and anyone with a business from entrepreneur to executive can apply. If you’re chosen, you’ll be one of a handful of businesses with access to powerful marketing campaigns, drawing on global expertise valued at well over a million dollars! Until now, only big listed companies could afford the range of expertise offered on the Million Dollar Challenge, everyone else had to settle for what they could afford, meaning that everyone was doing more or less the same thing, and wondering why their marketing wasn’t working. Think about it: you know your business better than anyone else. What numbers could you achieve with results based campaigns reflecting the latest thinking from the worlds top business experts and focussed on the marketing challenges that you face. And we help you to roll it out yourself. By building your own competency in-house, you’ll save plenty of cash, get access to all the different sorts of advice that you need, and retain total control of the process. Here’s how it works: Every day, we interview the worlds top sales and marketing experts. We analyse what the experts say and conduct

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