Sit on my Facebook (Internet Love Song) by The Scribes

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iTunes Link – – A social media anthem for nasty nerds like us. When our friend Jodie Ellis (of The Scribes) played us “Sit on my Facebook” for the first time we knew that we had to make the music video. Well, we had a blast making it and we even got to do a guest verse as reggae-style Pantless Knights! Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe! -beau, peter and david the pantless knights Get this song on iTunes at And check out The Scribes at CREDITS: Video Created by Pantless Knights Song by The Scribes Lyrics and Vocals by Jodie Ellis Directed by Beau Lewis Camera by Peter Furia Line Produced by Kimi Milo Starring Jodie Ellis, Paul O’Leary, David Fine and Kwang with Special Guests The Pantless Knights LYRICS: I think about you and it hurts I tried to Gchat you when you were at work I know your start-up is ok with people chatting as a perk Guess I’m just another jerk in your social network I put a new status message up for you it links to your cause, put it on Facebook too I even made a vid, it can go viral in a minute cuz I spent a lot of money putting baby monkeys in it. I could Google-search the world and never find a better match Eharmonize the web and never find a better catch the truth of the matter, if you wanna get laid I said, Bing, your decision is made Sit on my Facebook, and let me Twitter all over you come on over to Myspace So I can make you scream Yahoo! I’ll even tickle you until it makes you wanna

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