The Structures of MLMs

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MLM appeared as a natural reaction of humans to the intense competition in the modern world of business . Instead of competiting with one another, through the use of an MLM system, the sellers cooperate with eachother . MLM means working in a team, but this is done by allowing the individual to keep his/her personality and not become a code number or a statistic.

In MLM the success of your business depends directly of the success of those you help . This breeds positive thinking instead of competitive negative energy.  Instead of fighting for a sale, affiliates now work together to gain that sale . By it’s structure , Multi Level marketing reproduces the way in which natural processes happen, allowing those who have the intelligence and courage to discover a new way of life, not only helping themselves, but also those around them. Pushing things to the extreme a bit, we could say that this modality teaches us to be better humans . The way it works is very easy and we can see it all around us in nature.

Let’s take for example , a well developed tree . Although it’s so big that we have to look up to see it’s top, it has grown from a tiny seed that we can hold on the tip of our finger. Let’s think about the strong fire that is started in a stove from a tiny match stick or spark. The MLM structure works almost exactly the same, just like JmGold. In the beginning , it’s just us, the ones that will become the spark of what is to come. Without the initial spark, there is no fire . But every time a spark strikes, another spark can ignite, which will keep the flame going .   

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