SEOPressor – WordPress SEO Plugin – Is it really worth it?

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seopressorSEOPressor – WordPress SEO Plugin – Is it really worth it?

Tired of having your page rank consistently, on page No-Where-Ville?

Does S.E.O. mean Someone Else’s Opt-in page?

Would you love to be #1 on ANY Keyword – on ANY engine?

When someone asks you what you do in Internet Marketing, do you shuffle your feet and look at the ground first before struggling to answer?

If ANY of the above MIGHT apply to YOU, then PAY ATTENTION, move away from your keyboard, and for goodness sakes, turn off your SmartPhone and your Hoots &  TWEETS and focus on making your site rank like the guru you know you are.

What if you had a highly-regarded, high-paid SEO Specialist, who could sit next to you, any time of day, watch what you do, and coach you to brilliant, top-of-the-engine search results with your site. How much would THAT feature alone be worth to you?

What if the plugin knew how to play nice with the search engines, and not find yourself staring at Google Slap flying straight at your wallet.

What if a plugin would keep a live score on each page, and your entire site, in REAL TIME of how it would rate on the search engines, and would show YOU how to improve YOUR score, in REAL TIME?

Would this be of value to you? Nod your head YES! {push your Ka-Ching Button}SEOPressor Is The Answer.

SEOPressor – It’s a Wordpress 3.0 compatible plugin

Let’s face it, the days of doing a site the old fashioned way are waning.  WordPress is the most popular app for creating sites – fast

No matter what the size of your site is, SEOPressor will guide and propel you to the top of the search results for you keyword – fast.

SEOPressor – Guides You Like a Pro was Standing Over Your Shoulder – for a lot less bling.

SEOPressor – The Secret Sauce

Not sauce, rather, algorithm. You see, the developer figured out how to talk nice to the search engines, speaking their language, and putting together a harmonic algorithm that knows how to treat the spiders with the respect that they deserve when they visit your site, and sends them back to the Mother Ship in bliss and begging to come back for more. Ohhhh Yes, Yes, Yes.

SEOPressor – developed by Real World SEO RockStar!

Daniel Tan, is a living, breathing search engine optimization King. You may know Daniel’s previous triumphs- Backlinks Syndication; Rank Mover, Ultimate RSS, and Press Release Cash Cow. In short, he knows how to over-deliver stellar SEO results, and now, with his SEOPressor plugin for WordPress – it’s like you have Daniel sitting next to you, day in and day out coaching you for a brainless price.

SEOPressor – Want More – We Know You Do…

Buckle Up – here are the hard-hitting facts about SEOPressor and what it can do for your sites.

- Analyses Title, H1, H2, and H3 Tags
- Analyses Keyword Density and Content Length
- Analyses the Exact Placement of Your Keyword
- Analyses of Images and Links
- Analyses of Font Decorations
- Intelligently Bold, Italicise and Underline Your Keywords
- Intelligently Add ALT Tag to Your Images
- Capable of Testing and Rating Each Post and Page
- Reveals Your On-Page SEO Scores
- Secret Algorithm That Correlates With Google
- Recalculate SEO Scores When Content Changes
- One-Glance Fast & Easy SEO Management
- Intelligently Gives Suggestions on What To Tweak
- Rocket Launch Your WordPress Site To The Top in the Search Engines
- Drive Organic Traffic To Your Site

In short, SEOPressor is one of those plugins for WordPress that have a brainless R.O.I. If you’re not going to use it, Great, I know I am for all of my sites, as  I continue to siphon your Traffic Away {play “sinister evil laugh” soundtrack in your head now}.  So what are you waiting for, grab your SEOPressor Plugin Right Now before you get distracted, install it and then write me a Thank You comment / testimonial below.

Get more details on SEOPressor CLICK HERE

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